Factors you should consider when choosing the right keywords.

Tips for right keywords 

Everyone with a website desires to be ranked on the top and first page of every search engine,  but how possible is it to show up foremost among an endless list of other similar service providers?

Search engines like Google, Bing operate in relation to the words/phrases imputed by the website owner. Hence, words used while designing your sites should not be just any random words, but ‘keywords' that potential customers are most likely to type in the search button when surfing the net. 

These are Keywords.

Keywords form the basis for online marketing campaigns and are not just restricted to Search Engine Optimization.Setting the right keywords / key-phrases for your online content is essential for your site's visibility. 

What factors should be considered when choosing your keywords?

Consider Your Industry     

As an online marketer, proper attention should be given to words that best describe your products and services in your peculiar industry, such words should be incorporated into the creation of one's content and should relate particularly to your company industry and field.

Regularly Consider the Latest Trends.

Keyword research should be conducted before finalizing the keywords, such target keywords/ phrases should align with the content and the aim of the website. However, conducting of keyword/key phrases research should not be a one time affair; as an online marketer, it should be done regularly in accordance with the trends in choice of words/ phrases used in the secular word. 

Old keywords should be revised and trending keywords and phrases should be imbibed  into your contents to improve visibility.

What are Competitors Using?

It is advised that while working to create a great keyword for your website, keywords used by competitors ranking top can also be considered as it applys to the mannerism and content in which the words are used.  This will aid a new online marketer in selecting better choices of keywords to use even while formulating relevant contents.

Use a Long Tail of Keywords

An online marketer in determining the appropriate length of keywords or key phrases have to decide whether a short tail keyword or a long tail keyword will be fitting for the purpose needed. 

According to statistics, short tail keyword comprises 30% of all global search; generate the most traffic. Long-tail keywords on the other hand, which are keywords or key phrases that are more specific – and usually longer; generate less search traffic, but usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific.

Place Keywords in the right Location

Keywords can be placed in Page titles tag, Meta Descriptions tag, Subheadings, URLs, Content of the Page, Link Anchor Text, within descriptive alt attribute for images and so on.

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